Gold against germs

Multi-resistant bacteria are one of the major health risks of the future. However, not only the pharmaceutical industry but also physics is researching new, effective strategies against such pathogens. An international team of physicists, including the COMM-member Dr....

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PZMS new building progresses

With the construction of the new research building on the campus of the University Hospital in Homburg, the Preclinical Center for Molecular Signal Processing (PZMS), the science location Saarland is further expanded and strengthened. The total cost of the project is...

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Updated pandemic plan

An updated pandemic plan (subject to further developments; still stage 2) provides a framework on which all further considerations for teaching, research and administration will be based. Since the incidence rate of new SARS-CoV-2 infections has exceeded 50 per...

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GradUs Workshops in winter term 2020/2021

The Saarland University’s Graduate Centre (GradUS) regularly offers workshops on scientific, general or professional topics. The current programme for doctoral researchers is available at the website under the heading “Workshops”....

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Upcoming events

  1. Online-Vortrag

    January 19 @ 17:00 - 18:00


Several positions for PhD students available, link here in case of interest