October, 2021

Scientific Assistant (m/f/d)
(Starting date: as soon as possible)

At the Department of Cellular Neurophysiology (Prof. Rettig, CIPMM) of the Medical School of the Saarland University/Campus Homburg, the position of a Scientific Assistant is available with immediate effect (E13 TV- L, limited initially to 1 year with the possibility of extension).

Field of work:
We are a university research and teaching institute (Institute of Physiology), where a dedicated, successful and international team investigates the cellular mechanisms of exocytosis in cytotoxic T cells using genetic engineering methods, FACS and high-end microscopy techniques (STED, SIM, TIRFM, Confocal Microscopy). We are looking for a Scientific Assistant who will participate in university teaching in the subject of preclinical medicine, but most importantly to be a central collaborator in a project (ATTACK) funded by the European Research Commission (ERC). This project is investigating the release of supramolecular attack particles (SMAPs), which are part of the arsenal of T cells in fighting tumor cells. For more information, please visit our websites: and

Your responsibilities:

  • Working independently on scientific questions within the framework of an ERC-funded research project using a comprehensive range of methods from molecular biology, biochemistry  and cell biology (cloning, protein expression, Western blot, FACS, ELISA, fluorescence microscopy, etc.)
  • Development of new concepts to complement the state of the art
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Presentation of achieved results at scientific congresses and internal meetings
  • Collaboration in national and international research projects (e.g. experimental investigations and collaboration on reports)
  • Co-supervision of young scientists (e.g. bachelor and master students, PhD students)
  • Assumption of responsibilities in the laboratory
  • Preparation of and collaboration on scientific publications
  • Participation in the training of physicians in preclinical teaching in physiology


  • PhD in the field of cell biology or immunology.
  • Extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology techniques (cloning, protein expression, western blot, FACS, ELISA, fluorescence microscopy).
  • Ideally, you have knowledge of CRISPR/Cas genome editing and experience using the technique on primary cultures.
  • Ability to work in a team and a high level of commitment.
  • You are able to design your own research and communicate the obtained experimental results.
  • You enjoy scientific work and university teaching.
  • We are an international working group with employees from many nations. Therefore, we expect very good written and oral communication skills in English.

We offer :

  • Flexible working time models for a better compatibility of family and career
  • Extensive training and continuing education opportunities
  • Attractive offers as part of the company health management, such as university sports
  • Additional pension plan (RZVK)
  • Discounted ticket for public transportation (job ticket)

How to apply:
We look forward to receiving your meaningful online application (in one PDF file) by 7 November 2021 to It should contain a complete curriculum vitae with transcripts of your certificates (grades included), a list of your publications and conference contributions, a letter of motivation and the addresses of two references.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (PD Dr. Ute Becherer, Institute of Physiology, Phone 06841 161 6409)



October, 2021

Several PhD Positions in Life Sciences (65% TVL 13)
(Starting date: 01/01/2022)

The Faculty of Biology at the University of Kaiserslautern is offering PhD positions in molecular genetics, cell biology, neurobiology, biochemistry, plant physiology and computational biology to highly motivated students. During the course of the program, our PhD students will exploit a wide range of methods to study different aspects of how eukaryotic cells react and adapt to stress conditions with a particular focus on membrane-bounded compartments and organelles. The offered PhD projects are assigned to three areas:

1. Cellular reactions to counter locally defined stresses in organelles
If you are interested in one of the projects of this area, you will study the adaptation to defined stress situations in one specific cellular compartment (chloroplasts, mitochondria), which requires complex and coordinated reactions.

2. Stress-induced adaptations of membrane protein networks
PhD projects assigned to this area will analyze specific adaptations of cellular membranes to changes in global conditions, such as high temperatures, high concentrations of sugars or genomic imbalance situations.

3. Systemic responses to global stress conditions
The projects of this area focus on complex reaction networks whose characterization is largely based on bioinformatics and systems biology approaches.

The TU Kaiserslautern is a campus university with modern laboratories and excellent research conditions. For detailed information on the research areas, the working groups, the offered PhD projects and the application procedure, please visit



April, 2021

Postdoc-Stelle am Institut für Humangenetik

Am Institut für Humangenetik der Universität des Saarlandes, Campus Homburg, ist eine Postdoc-Stelle zu besetzen. Die molekular- und zellbiologischen Forschungsarbeiten beschäftigen sich mit der biologischen und klinischen Relevanz einer HERV-kodierten Protease. Nähere Informationen finden sich in der Ausschreibung auf der Seite der Universität des Saarlandes unter:


September 16, 2020

2 Doktoranden gesucht (Experimentelle und Klinische Pharmakologie und Toxikologie, Medizinische Fakultät der UdS, Homburg) english version below

Sie haben einen Masterabschluss/Examen in Biologie, Pharmazie, Humanbiologie, Biochemie, Chemie oder eng verwandten Disziplinen, besitzen eine Leidenschaft für die Wissenschaft, sind zuverlässig und motiviert?

Wir suchen ab sofort für die Beschäftigungsdauer von 3 Jahren zwei Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter/Mitarbeiterinnen (m/w/d) zur Durchführung einer Dissertationsarbeit (zum Dr. rer. nat.). Im Rahmen der Forschungsprojekte arbeiten Sie in einem Team mit erfahrenen Wissenschaftlern und haben die Möglichkeit, modernste analytische Methoden zu erlernen und Ihre Fähigkeiten zu verbessern. Eine intensive Einarbeitung und Betreuung ist selbstverständlich.

Projekt I beschäftigt sich mit dem Einfluss des TRPV6 Ionenkanals auf Calcium-abhängige Prozesse im weiblichen Fortpflanzungstrakt und der Eihaut. Ansprechpartner ist Frau Dr. Claudia Fecher-Trost (

In Projekt II geht es um die pharmakologische Beeinflussbarkeit der zellulären Ca2+-Homöostase. Ansprechpartner ist Herr Dr. Andreas Beck (

Wenn wir Ihr Interesse geweckt haben, kontaktieren Sie uns bzw. senden Sie uns Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen.

You have a master’s degree/exam in biology, pharmacy, human biology, biochemistry, chemistry or closely related disciplines, are passionate about science, reliable and motivated?

We are looking for two doctoral candidates (m/f/d) for a period of 3 years. As part of the research project, you will work in a team with experienced scientists and have the opportunity to learn the most modern analytical methods and improve your skills. Intensive training and support is a matter of course.

Project I focuses on the influence of the TRPV6 ion channel on calcium-dependent processes in the female reproductive tract and the fetal membrane. Contact: Dr. Claudia Fecher-Trost (
Project II is about the pharmacological modulation of the cellular Ca2+ homeostasis. Contact: Dr. Andreas Beck (

If you are interested, please contact us or send us your application documents.


January 27, 2020

PhD position (Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology): Biogenesis and Function of Lipid Droplets

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist to join our young and growing team as a PhD student.

The position is immediately available at the
Department of Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Center for Molecular Signaling (PZMS)
at Saarland University
in the research group of
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bianca Schrul.

Our research group is interested in the biogenesis and function of lipid droplets. These subcellular organelles dynamically balance the influx, storage and consumption of neutral lipids in nearly all cells of our body and are therefore central hubs in lipid metabolism. Lipid droplets are implicated in a range of human pathologies including hallmark diseases of our modern society such as obesity, diabetes, hepatic steatosis and cardiovascular disorders. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying lipid droplet biogenesis and function as well as pathologic aberrations in these processes remain largely unknown. Projects in our lab address the following questions:

• What are the molecular mechanisms underlying protein targeting and insertion into the limiting membrane of lipid droplets?
• How is lipid droplet biogenesis from the endoplasmic reticulum membrane regulated?
• How do lipid droplets communicate with other lipid metabolizing organelles to adapt to metabolic changes?

We employ a range of biochemical and cell biological techniques including in vitro reconstitution experiments, protein-interaction studies, organelle / protein isolations, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, RNA interference as well as advanced fluorescence and electron microscopy.

Further information and publications can be found on our website:

Qualification profile
We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with the following qualifications:
– excellent Diploma / M.Sc. degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or a related discipline
– strong interest in basic Biochemical and Cell Biological research
– excellent communication skills
– fluent English (oral and written) is essential
– German language skills are desired

– Our young research team is integrated in an interdisciplinary and diverse research environment offering state-of-the-art technology and excellent scientific exchange.
– Further training opportunities are provided by Saarland University´s Graduate Centre GradUS.
– The position is immediately available for the duration of 3 years with the possibility of extension.

Please send your application including a short cover letter stating your research interests, a CV, degree certificates and contacts for two references via e-mail to Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bianca Schrul: