Established in 2006 the Competence Center Molcular Medicine (COMM) forms a roof structure for about 72 ambitious scientists who are conducting research in the field of Molecular Medicine. Irrespective of the responsibilities of other elements and facilities of the Saarland University, the COMM aims to strengthen the research in the overlapping fields of basic investigations in biomedical sciences, clinical medicine and applied technical developments.

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

We foster the transfer of knowledge & technology in the Medical School, the University and the Clinical Center. In addition we aim to support the utilization of research results ready for application into the industry in order to create new jobs in the region. Learn more

Public Relations Activities

We are present at internal and public events and inform about current research results of our members. Thus, we memorize biomedical research in the population. Upon request we also offer practical courses on specific research topics and methods. Learn more

Promotion of Young Scientists

For more than 10 years we have successfully promoted Young Scientists at different levels of their careers. We help to identify talents on the high-school level, we support the training of PhD-students and we assist newly appointed young scientists in finding their way in the new research environment. Learn more

Support of Research Networks


We support our existing research networks and aim to further bundle resources for new  initiatives. For this we offer assistance to the already established research associations and organize meetings of scientists of the Saarland University with the aim of establishing new, innovative research networks.  Learn more